He’s got a car. She’s got places to be. If only things were that simple.

Maggie MacNally always falls short, no matter what she does. Whether it’s her career or her love life, nothing ever ends up right, and even as she tries to put her work mishaps and dating missteps behind her to forge a new life in Washington DC, she wonders: is she really heading where she wants to go, or simply following in the family footsteps?

But just as she’s considering packing it all in, an out-of-the-blue proposal from her influential grandmother offers her one last chance at success — a chance which puts her in the path of beguiling and mysterious French diplomat, Valery.

Meanwhile, diplomatic driver and widowed father Adrian Adams isn’t looking to change anything about his life, he just wants to keep his seven-year-old daughter Charlie safe and happy. The last thing on his mind is finding love again – and the last thing he expects is to suddenly lose his job. Luckily, he’s soon got a new assignment, one which brings him face to face with an overworked, stressed-out, but oddly charming Irish girl with a penchant for talking to squirrels: Maggie. It’s not long before Adrian finds himself, unwittingly, falling in love again.

Will Maggie seize the life she’s always yearned for, or be left with the pieces of yet another broken dream? And will Adrian take a second, crazy chance at love, or just play it safe? And what’s with all the squirrels?

“This debut novel is a skillfully-written, fast-paced romantic comedy. It’s easy to read with creative twists and turns that held my interest until the end. Bravo Mr. Van Oss!”Sandra Olshaksi, Library of Clean Reads
“If you’re after a read that takes a well-known and well-loved genre and runs away with it with a fantastically crazy plot, I recommend giving Driving Miss Crazy a go!”Whispering Stories

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Book FAQ

Is the book available in paperback?
Yes, you can get it here.

Why is this book under a pen name?
It’s still my real name, just with more initials.

When will the second book in the series be released?
I’m planning for the second book to be released in mid 2017.

I love this book! What can I do to help spread the word?
Thanks! You can promote the book best by posting a review on Amazon, tweeting a tweet, or, uh, Facebooking a Facebook.

Story Soundtrack

Story Props

Pink Squirrel

Click the image if you want to get your own pink squirrel just like Charlie!

Pink Squirrel

The Lighthouse at Honfleur

The George Seurat painting “The Lighthouse at Honfleur” from the National Gallery of Art scene.

The Lighthouse at Honfleur

Ollie’s Trolley

Ollie’s Trolley, where Adrian and Alex have lunch. They used to have these in Louisville, where I grew up. Spicy fries!

Ollie's Trolley

The Embassy of Ireland in Washington DC

Where Maggie gets her chance.

Irish Embassy

The Washington National Cathedral

Where the wedding takes place – no lie. We visited as a family in 2015. The stained glass was amazing!

Washington National Cathedral