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Driving Miss Crazy

It was the story of their lives…

Ellie Chambers had always wanted to be a writer, ever since she could remember. Now she was a successful thriller author, although it had come at a price. Two prices, actually. The first was the fallout from a hastily-signed (and horrible) contract with Margo Rollings, the Publisher Who Wouldn’t Die. And the second was Sam Price, her former writing partner and almost-fiance.

Sam Price had dreamed of being the next Hemingway, not the hack ghost writer behind the popular “Lottie Long” cozy mystery series. But days spent with his dad as a sought-after finish carpenter in quaint Golden Grove, Iowa gave him little time for much else. And now an unforeseen catastrophe in the form of Margo Rollings, his former publisher, has left him with the ultimate lose-lose proposition: Write another book with Ellie or face a ruined career.

Can Ellie and Sam put aside their differences in order to save their careers? Or is there something even more important between them worth saving?

“D. J. Van Oss has done it again. This is a super sweet and clean second chance romance.”Suzanne
“All in all, this was great story and one that I can heartily recommend.”
“My only disappointment was that they didn’t give the recipe for Spam Cupcakes! Can you say YUM?!! Good job D.J.!”BobbieMcC

4.6 out of 5 stars

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