• Wait…he’s a guy?

    D. J. Van Oss (a guy) writes sweet and sunny romantic comedies with an emphasis on second chances; kind of like the book version of finding an extra pack of icing for your cinnamon roll. He’s also the author of five humor books under the name Dan Van Oss.

    When not writing you can find him working in the yard, walking the dog, or staying up too late watching BBC mysteries while eating honey peanut butter straight out of the jar.

    He lives in the country suburbs of Iowa with his wife and three step-daughters. His writing partner is Jack, a pretty-boy golden retriever who grunts when you rub his ears.


Fun Facts

  • I played keyboards at a World Series MVP’s wedding.

  • I once owned a 1939 Chevy. (I love old cars.)

  • I also design book covers at www.covermint.design.

  • I recorded a CD of piano solos called “Bedtime Piano”.

  • Growing up I had pet hermit crabs, gerbils, and newts, all of which got out of their cages.

  • I’ve lived in all three cities that have a “Tulip Time”. (Pella, IA, Holland, MI, Orange City, IA.)